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Important Dates


  • 22-F: 20th Imagination Celebration
  • 25-M: Memorial Day, no school
  • 26-T: "The Blue and the Gray" 5th grade musical, 1:45 & 7:00
  • 28-Th: Local Hero assembly, 1:10; Parents of new 6th Graders Orientation @ Goodman
  • 29-F: 5th to Camp Seymour


  • 2-T: "I Need a Vacation", 3rd grade musical
  • 4-Th: PTA Rainiers Night, Orca singers sing national anthem, 7:00
  • 8-M: 5th to Biztown
  • 10-W: Volunteer Appreciation Assembly, 2:00-3:00
  • 11-Th: 5th to Safeco; Gibson & Mikkelborg to Harbor History Museum
  • 15-M: 3rd to Penrose Park
  • 15-M: Career Reports, 5th grade 6:00-7:00
  • 16-T: Field Day
  • 18-Th: Last Day of Kdg.
  • 19-F: Last day of school, assembly @ 9:15, dismiss @ 12:15


  • 2-W: First day of school... Welcome back!
  • 7-M: Labor Day, no school
  • 9-W: Late start Wednesday


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